Watch Tony Hawk Collect S-K-A-T-E In Real Life

Normally, you won’t find floating letters hanging around skateparks waiting to be collected. But yesterday, Tony Hawk encountered this strange scenario and he did what anyone who’s played Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater would do: He collected S-K-A-T-E.


I’m happy to see he collected the letters in the correct order. Sure, like in the games, you can technically get them out of order, but who would do that? Monsters.

After collecting the letters his staff presented him with a secret tape. This might be the easiest secret tape location I’ve ever seen. The tape came with a message from his staff congratulating him on the launch of the newest Tony Hawk game.

Mr. Hawk also recently did some skating in a real-life version of the famous Warehouse level found in the original game. Though while his tricks were impressive in both videos, I think he has a long way to go if he wants to beat the high score challenges for either area.


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I can only pray I am as cool as he is at 52. He really is a living legend.