Watch This Warframe Space Dog Go

Image Credit: Kira Reitsu

Before there was Destiny there was Warframe. The two games share a lot of the same elements—lots of loot, ornate costumes, and sci-fi stories that make no sense—but Warframe has something Destiny doesn’t: amazing pets.

Kubrows are like dogs except they come in eggs. You have to hatch them, a grindy endeavor just like everything else in Digital Extremes MMO. But just like everything else it can also feel extremely rewarding. At the end of the process you don’t just have another powerful gun or cool looking suit, you have loyal friend who will fight by your side.


And also do cool shit like this.

As a third-person game with double jumps and generous ledge grabbing, Warframe is much more platforming friendly than Destiny. Since you can grip the sides of walls and jump back off them, there’s a hint of Mega Man X in it where you can dash, hope, and ultimately parkour your way across weird, low-budget alien ships and military bunkers.

Naturally, your pet Kubrow can do this too.  

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