Watch This Silly Source Filmmaker Re-Creation Of Two YouTubers Absolutely Losing It

Sonic The Hedgehog released in 2006 sure is a terrible game. The duo known as Game Grumps learned this the hard way, and broadcasted their experience playing the game for their audience about a month ago.


The original, which you can watch down below, is pretty funny on its own. But it also inspired possibly the silliest Source Filmmaker video (above) that I have seen so far.


Have you guys heard of Game Grumps? Have you heard of JonTron—known for raging against terrible games—and egoraptor—known for his cartoon videos—two YouTubers we've featured here on Kotaku before?

The two have come together to form Game Grumps, playing a lot of awful retro titles (among other games) for the amusement of their audiences. They're great together.

But the reenactment video above by thatscoutisaspy? That's something just as special.

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I used to watch Game Grumps all the time but then I suddenly stopped. Dunno why, they just seem to resort to the same tactic of humor over and over and it got played out. At least to me. I watch their Nintendo Land videos though for some actual gameplay instead of insane speed runs.

Also, does anyone else get bothered by Jon's hypocrisy? "OMG TEH TOTORIALZ R ANNOYING!" Then he proceeds to complain about being lost and not knowing how to proceed in a game without it.