Some have said that Diablo III is too easy. Power-gamer Athene is among those people—to demonstrate this, he went ahead and beat each of Diablo III's toughest bosses in a matter of seconds.

But of course, that wasn't enough. So, he's made a new video of himself beating all the same bosses (on the most difficult Inferno difficulty, natch)… with his eyes closed. Sometimes without even sitting at the computer.

This is very funny. Athene has made a name for himself being such a cocky guy, as well as for crowdsourcing loot aquisition to get superpowered characters and raising lots of money for charity. When you watch him sack-dance all over Diablo III's toughest bosses while smack-talking the game, you almost start to feel… bad for Diablo III? Which is weird, because no one feels bad for Diablo III!


I have to say that the thumbnail for this video, "Eyes Closed Stevie Wonder Edition," had me hoping that we'd get to watch Athene kill bosses accompanied by "I Wish" or something. Unfortunately, all we got was this goofy (but I'm sure, royalty-free) ragtime music. Oh well, at least the video is a lot of fun. Stick around for the final fight against Diablo - Ha!

(Via VG247)