They Climbed One of the Tallest Buildings in The World Barehanded

I hope you're not afraid of heights—then you'll want to steer clear of this video of two bold men climbing the Shanghai Tower.


Do you know how tall that building is? It's 650 meters (which is 2132 feet, if you're curious). That makes it the second tallest building in the world—and these guys climb it with nothing but their bare hands. Cripes.

Terrifying to think about, but kudos to raskalovit for pulling it off. Can you imagine what it must feel like to look down after a climb like this?

Shanghai Tower (650 meters) [raskalovit]


The first 3/4 is basically just taking the steps and not getting yea, I was dissapointed at first.

But that crane part... holy shit. My legs cramped and my stomach turned over just looking at this video.