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Blackhand, the final boss of Blackrock Foundry, Warlords of Draenor's second raid, is a tough guy. The raid's hardest Mythic difficulty has been open for 27 days, yet only a couple of guilds managed to kill its endboss. And now, the three guilds on top of the leaderboards finally released their kill videos.


Blackrock Foundry's Mythic difficulty is way harder compared to the previous Mythic dungeon, Highmaul. Something similar to the hard mode version of the Lich King or some other bosses back in the Wrath or Burning Crusade era.

The European guild Method was the first guild to kill Blackhand after 5 days of constant trying (and after spending 2 days on the boss before him).

Finnish top guild Paragon came in second, and they apparently wiped 667 times before a successful kill. Their video with the music and the boss quotes is just the best one of the three.

The third successful party, the US-based Midwinter, released their kill video as well after Method and Paragon uploaded theirs. They also agree that it was one of the hardest bosses in WoW history:

Re: wipe count, people have different numbers in their bigwigs counters etc but according to our logs it was 605 wipes.

Not sure if it's the hardest boss I've ever done exactly but it's definitely very, very tightly tuned in p1 and p3. The sort of fight that will get a lot easier with gear, though p2 will still be somewhat hard even with the best gear.

Huge props to Method who just had an amazing tier. Can't really imagine killing this boss last week.

And even though the videos and the mechanics are out, according to Wowprogress there are still only seven guilds out there with a Mythic Blackhand kill:

Illustration for article titled Watch The First Kill Of One Of The Hardest Bosses In iWoW /iHistory

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Did they release the gold buying time thing yet in WoW? Waiting for it to come out because that's probably going to be the only way I'll ever resub again. And if they are impossibly expensive then I guess I won't play :|