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Watch The Wii U Get Torn Apart In The Name Of Trivia

Now that the Wii U is officially a viable console it's time to tear it apart in stop-motion to see what sort of fun trivia makes it tick.


Vsauce3 continues its proud tradition of stripping gaming devices down to their base components while cleverly revealing important tidbits about them you may not have known, like the fact that the 32GB Wii U can hold every Nintendo 64 game. Or things you knew and forgot, like that whole magnetometer business.

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Would people hope off of Nintendo dick for a second.This goes out to the console supporters and haters. Nintendo shot themselves in the foot by releasing a under powered system and if they're loosing money because they don't know how to advertise that's their fault. Also People need to stop acting like Nintendo's going bankrupt. I would really be more worried about the Playstation brand. Sony's doing a lot worse and its hurting their gaming division. They've laid off devs for the last three years. Even with the PS4, people wonder if Sony's going to make a profit this year. Lets just ignore Nintendo fucking this one up, hope they don't get in trouble like Sony and also hope Sony can figure out a way to salvages themselves.