Watch The PS5 Reveal Event Right Here

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It’s time for Sony to show us what to expect when the PlayStation 5 arrives later this year. Expect games, dates, and possibly prices. And who knows, we might even get a look at the actual hardware this time around. Let’s watch!


We’re watching the English version of the stream on YouTube. If you do not understand English, hopefully you’ve picked up enough to know to click this link for the stream in other languages.

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Best to worst IMO:


Spider-Man Miles Morales: WOW, GOTY 1.5. Love it

Horizon 2: Wow pretty and compelling. Will easily live up to the original.

RE Village: Just what I would expect, looks scary and amazin

Pragmata: Space, a little kid, future shit. I’m in.

Retunal: ton of potential

Ghostwire: interested in the horror

Jett: Love a dystopia story, can’t wait.

Stray: I said, love a dystopia story, can’t wait. And you’re a cat!?

Demon’s Souls: I could use some gameplay, but hey it looks way better. Love it.

Gran Tourismo: Just when real can’t be realer, they made it realer

Oddworld: Wow back with a vengeance, and looks beautiful

Ratchet and Clank: Ok, I suppose it’s time

Kena: Like a pixar movie, looks dec I suppose

Goodbye Volcano High: Looks like some artsy capcom bullshit, I dig it.

Solar Ash: sleek platforming, sold!

Deathloop: Good art, but nothing really gripping me, If I wanna slide in FPS, season 4 Modern Warfare came out today. Just throw on a French dude skin

Little Devil Inside: I thought this was a PS5 event, not a Nintedo Switch event

Hitman 3: looks cool but same formula? small yawn

Sackboy Adventure: Let LBP die already. They take down every level that’s inspired by other games.

Godfall: Infinity Blade and Dynasty Warriors had a baby. Dynasty Warriors came out 20 years ago mate. I’ll wait until the game is in the $5 bin

NBA 2K21: Yawn… wow someone dunking. In a basketball game. How original.

Bugsnax: Sigh… I feel like they’re really missing their market here. Hard SKIP

GTAV: Really… come on… LET IT DIE ALREADY

Everything else was meh....