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Watch The New Call of Duty Blow Up A Bridge

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Most of the Call of Duty news since Advanced Warfare was first announced has focused on the multiplayer. That's understandable. But it also means that one of the shooter franchise's other important assets hasn't had a chance to shine through: its unique ability to make blow up iconic pieces of architecture.

Cue giant bridge explosion:

Activision solved this problem today at the Microsoft Gamescom press event. The company offered up a seven-minute slice of single-player gameplay footage, in which we get a fresh look at Advanced Warfare's exciting new grenades and the superhuman jumping abilities made possible by the exoskeletons the characters wear. There are the sorts of small tweaks to Call of Duty's core gameplay that Advanced Warfare promises. But as is often the case with a popular series this firmly entrenched, the small changes can make a big difference when you're actually playing the thing.


Also, don't worry if you're scared that Advanced Warfare is shaking things up too dramatically. Because, I mean: a bridge gets blown up in this video. The Golden Gate Bridge, no less. Mass destruction of famous monuments is always a good thing in a Call of Duty game, if you ask me.

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