Watch The Mental Meltdown Of A Leaderboard-Beating Dyad Run

Dyad is the kind of game that's tough to talk about—you kinda have to play it to get it. That said, watching a level play out gives a decent sense of the whole disorienting, often exhilarating experience.


Here, Chris Person blasts through one of the early levels and puts on a pretty impressive show, earning himself a #1 rank on the leaderboards. Of course, early reviewers always get to enjoy this time when we actually have a shot at landing on the leaderboards. That said, it's still a darned impressive run.

Dyad hits the PlayStation Network next week. I've played the game for a few hours back during the Game Developers' Conference, though I haven't yet had a chance to sit down and really plug in to the final version. I have a feeling that super-players are going to rack up some insane scores in this game pretty quickly once it's released. I just hope they don't lose their minds while doing so.

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It looks like when someone is "playing videogames" in a movie or something! Are the controls for this "shake the stick like a madman and smash the buttons like spiders are trying to crawl out?" That would complete the illusion.