Watch The Latest Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report Live, Right Here [All Done]

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Magic! Stealth! Magitek armor! Exclamation points! Plus an update on the March event where we expect more useful information, like a release date, all in the latest Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report, kicking off live at 11 PM Eastern.

And we’re done. The archive should be live shortly. For those of you who missed the broadcast, what we saw was an explanation of elemental magic and how it affects the environment (fire spreads to flammable objects, blizzard freezes water), a rather amazing combat sequence featuring chained stealth warp kills, a refined camera and killer combos and a look at the evil empire that serves as the antagonists of the game.


We got a closer look at Aranea Highwind, the “dragoon” of the enemy army. We got some background on how far along the game has come. Plus we got info on the March 30 Uncovering Final Fantasy XV event in Los Angeles, where the release date will be announced.

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Magitek? I feel like with this and XIV Square is really grabbing at VI for nostalgia points. I kind of feel like they’re trying to avoid the later games, since recent Final Fantasies are starting to get more flak, I feel like they’re kind of pushing for tickling the nostalgia of older fans who have given up on the franchise for about a decade.