Watch The History Of Gaming Pass Before Your Eyes

What's striking about this quick visual chronicle of the history of video games isn't just how games have become more advanced but how much better our TVs have become.


It's also striking that the personal computer wasn't part of the history of gaming, as recreated by the Munich-based quartet of game design students responsible for this video. Then again, were there really any PC games as significant to gaming history as God of War III?

The video is very well done. More history should be recounted through the first-person perspective, a perspective popularized by video games such as.... was it GoldenEye? Halo?


History of Gaming [Vimeo]

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"Then again, were there really any PC games as significant to gaming history as God of War III?"

I'm sorry, what? God of War III was by no means a revolution that changed video games. It was an incredibly cool game, but nothing it did hadn't been done before(even by previous god of war games).

If you are looking for examples of where PC gaming has changed gaming history, look no further than, oh say, Quake and Unreal Tournament. The very definition of modern FPS-shooters. Without these titles, games such as Golden Eye 64 and Halo: Combat Evolved would never have existed.

While we're at it, why not take the entire RTS genre(which has primarily stayed on the PC, I admit). Started by Dune II by Westwood, perfected with Command & Conquer and Warcraft II.

The greatest MMO hit on the market and more than likely a product that has drawn in more money to the game industry than any other single game out there; World of Warcraft, and it's only to PC. It's also drawn in more -players- into the world of gaming, people who might never have taken up gaming in the first place if they hadn't been pulled into the addictive fun of WoW.

PC gaming has damn well contributed its fair share to gaming history.