Watch The Heroes Of The Storm Americas Championship Live, Right Here

The top eight Heroes of the Storm team in the Americas are in Las Vegas today, competing for a $100,000 prize pool and two spots in the world championship battle at BlizzCon 2015. Who will win, other than Murky?

Kicking off at 1 PM Eastern and running until one team has $40,000 and a trip to Anaheim, another has $24,000 plus a trip and a third winds up the saddest group of people to win $12,000.

A full rundown of the teams and brackets participating can be found here. Now let’s watch some players much better than Yannick Lejaq kick each others’ asses.


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Even with the huge tournament and Blizzard sponsorship, this is barely fourth on Twitch. I still don’t understand why everyone keeps acting like it is a huge game.

To compare: Moonduck’s Elimination Mode tournament for Dota 2 is also on, and is just 4k viewers behind the total HotS (not just this tournament’s) current viewers. It has no official Valve sponsorship, and is considered a funny joke tournament, and yet it almost has the same numbers.

Hell, the top 2 LoL current streamers on twitch right now are almost matching this tournament’s viewership. LoL doesn’t even need any tournament to beat these numbers.