Watch The Glee Cast Perform The Arrangement They Ripped Off From Jonathan Coulton

Last week, a recording surfaced of the cast of Glee performing a slowed-down arrangement of Sir Mix-A-Lot's 90s classic "Baby Got Back." As it turned out, their arrangement of the tune had more than a liiiittle bit in common with an earlier arrangement by well-known geeky songwriter Jonathan Coulton. In fact, the Glee arrangement was more or less identical.

The recording was from the eleventh episode of the fourth season of the show, which was set to air tonight. It remained to be seen what would become of the performance after the rip-off received so much attention last week.


But, yup, it aired in the episode as planned. You can watch the performance up top.

For reference and/or outrage, here's Coulton's arrangement, which is from his 2006 album Thing a Week One.

And here's the full Glee version.

Here's how the scene above is summed up in the Glee Wiki:

When Kurt is caught looking at the sign up sheet for "Adam and The Apples" again, Adam, the lead singer of the group, introduces himself and asks Kurt to sign up. Kurt is reminded of Rachel telling him not to join, because it's social suicide, but Adam won't go down with a fight. He drags Kurt downstairs and Kurt laughs and enjoys the performance of Baby Got Back sung by the "Adam and The Apples". The group is full of unique people, wearing different hairdos and clothes. They also pull off hilarious dance moves. Kurt and Adam seem to have an eye for each other.


Seems about right. The performance is the same down-tempo thing we heard last week, heightened by some goofy dance choreography. The whole thing is played for laughs, perhaps even more so than your typical Glee performance, and the band has instruments to match Coulton's arrangement. Kurt seems to be enjoying himself, anyway. I don't know about you, but this "Adam" fellow sure like a cheeseball. Par for the course, I guess.

Coulton has apparently seen the episode, and for now only had this to say:


That doesn't sound good. We'll update once we know more. For more, read our original breakdown of the rip-off here.

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I read that description and hand to my chest, I want to fucking murder all the people involved in writing that synopsis. Unless their job was to make me hate every character conceived in this idea, which if so good job

edit: Also I'm not even gay and I'm offended over how gay that guy is. It'd be fine if the kid happens to be this gay and was certainly the best option for the role but let's be honest. It's pandering. Even in that Glee reality show their whole mission was to find the most "OOOOH SUPA CRAZY" guys to participate. They had a black blind guy. You can't get more hipster than that. I hate the casting of Glee. If it were done for a good cause but let's be honest it's not.