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After a decade of cancellations, false starts, and one tragic studio demise, this is the year we’ll finally see a third Star Wars Battlefront game. Here’s our first look.


Today as part of the Star Wars Celebration, publisher EA released a trailer for their upcoming take on Battlefront, which is developed by DICE (best known for Battlefield) and will be released on November 17 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Watch it here:

It’s all CGI—to be specific, it’s “footage representative of PlayStation 4,” according to the trailer—because who needs to see actual gameplay?


This new incarnation of the classic Star Wars series will be multiplayer-heavy—there’s no campaign—and it’ll support up to 40 players at once. It’s set during the original trilogy and will feature Rebel vs. Empire battles on Hoth, Tattooine, and other planets including Jakku, a new desert world that’ll be introduced in Episode VII: The Force Awakens later this year.

The Jakku level will be free downloadable content, which is awesome. People who pre-order Battlefront will get it on December 1, while everyone else can play it starting December 8. The seventh Star Wars film will be in theaters on December 18.

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All CGI, of course, because who needs to see actual gameplay?

It literally says “Game Engine Footage” at the start of the trailer. I mean, yes, it’s technically not gameplay in the sense that we’re watching from a player’s perspective, but holy shit it looks gorgeous.

Edit: Since I’m already seeing this in replies, let me say it here: no, in-engine footage is NOT the same as CGI footage. Look at this trailer compared to anything Blur has recently put out. This trailer is quite impressive, actual gameplay or not. And yes, badass PCs will be required to make the game look even close to this good.