Watch The First Fifteen Minutes Of Dead Space: Extraction

It should go without saying, but... SPOILER WARNING!

Thanks to Dead Space: Extraction hitting the streets in Australia a whole week earlier than here in the US, we've got nothing better to do than watch an Australian gamer play through the first fifteen minutes.


I know it's an on rails shooter a "guided first person experience" and I usually hate being told what to do — but based on this footage, I'm pleased with how Extraction turned out. We'll see how the whole game goes when I buy it next week.

Video: Dead Space Extraction - The first 15 minutes [Vooks]



Wow, ea is really on a fucking roll with the new IPs. I know DS is technically no longer new, but man has it gotten some AAA treatment. I cant believe they would put so much quality into a Wii title and not make it a straight cash in. This looks really incredible.