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Watch The First 12 Minutes Of Call Of Duty: Strike Team

Activision dropped a surprise mobile Call of Duty on iOS today, and it's two, two, two games in one. Call of Duty: Strike Team gives players the ability to switch between first-person shooter and top-down tactical strategy with the press of a button. Want to see how it works?


Keeping in mind that the video recording dropped the game's framerate a bit and forgiving a groggy morning me for chatting away like a dork while the mic tries to strangle itself, it's actually a rather cool concept. Not an FPS fan? Go tactical. Bad with issuing orders? Switch to first-person and shoot things in the face.

I may have also called the game Strike Force multiple times. I will probably never stop.


Call of Duty: Strike Team is available now on iTunes for $6.99. Stay tuned for more on the game.

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When is controller support rolling out for iOS? Also, Kotaku should do an article about the best controllers for iOS once iOS 7 is released. I'm really interested to see how it changes the gaming landscape on iOS. I assume that major releases like this one will include controller support as a default option right? I would love to play some NOVA 3 with controller.