Watch The Final Round Of The 2014 League Of Legends Worlds Right Here

With a million dollars and the Summoner's Cup on the line, it all came down to this final match-up. Did Star Horn Royal Club rectify last year's loss, or has Samsung Galaxy White come out on top?

A season of fierce competition culminated earlier today in a final battle between China's Star Horn Royal Club and South Korea's own Samsung Galaxy White, who managed to beat sister team Samsung Galaxy Blue for a chance at the cup. With home field advantage at the Seoul event, Samsung White was favored to win.


Note: If you want to watch the entire series, each match is broken down over at the LoL eSports YouTube page. We're jumping straight to the final round here.

Quite possibly one of the least dramatic major tournament wins I've seen. Samsung slipped up in the third round of the best-of-five set, but snagged the dragon early on in round four. After that, the outcome was pretty much predetermined.

So that's it! South Korea secures its sixth Worlds medal, completing its set of two each bronze, silver and gold. Meanwhile, back in the states, we've got a single bronze, tying us with Russia. Hooray!

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