Watch The EVO Tournaments (and Panels) Live, Right Here

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Watch two separate tournaments and a livestream of the EVO 2012 panels right here on Kotaku, presented to you by Shoryuken and Twitch.TV. You can also find the full, three-day schedule down below.


Gameplay 1

Gameplay 2

Panels & Interviews


Or, if you prefer, you can always grab the HD PPV option from Shoryuken. All the proceeds go to a $10,000 college scholarship for gamers.


Now for the full schedule, in PDT because the tournament is taking place in Las Vegas...


Friday (July 6)

Gameplay 1

8AM-6PM (PDT) - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Pools

6PM-6:30PM (PDT) - PlayStation All-Stars Exhibition

6:30PM-8PM (PDT) - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Quarterfinal Bracket

8PM-11PM (PDT) - Super Street Fighter IV: Semifinal Bracket

Gameplay 2

8AM-2PM (PDT) - King Of Fighters XIII Pools

2PM-4PM (PDT) - Soul Calibur V Pools

4PM-6PM (PDT) - Soul Calibur V Quarterfinal Bracket

6PM-8PM (PDT) - Soul Calibur V Semifinal Bracket

8PM-9PM (PDT) - Mortal Kombat 9 US vs EU 5 on 5 Battle

Panels & Interviews

12PM-2PM (PDT) - The Level Up Experience

2PM-4PM (PDT) - Sony Panel

4PM-6PM (PDT) - Capcom Panel

6PM-7PM (PDT) - UltraChen TV

Saturday (July 7)

Gameplay 1

8AM-6PM (PDT) - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Pools

6PM-8PM (PDT) - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Quarterfinal Bracket

8PM-11PM (PDT) - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Semifinal Bracket

12AM-1AM (PDT) - ST Tournament of Legends

Gameplay 2

8AM-10AM (PDT) - King of Fighters XIII Pools

10AM-12PM (PDT) - King of Fighters XIII Quarterfinal Bracket

12PM-4PM (PDT) - King of Fighters XIII Semifinal Bracket

4PM-6PM (PDT) - Mortal Kombat 9 Quarterfinal Bracket

6PM-10PM (PDT) - Mortal Kombat 9 Semifinal Bracket

Panels & Interviews

10AM-12PM (PDT) - Indie Game Devs

2PM-4PM (PDT) - Sony Panel

4PM-6PM (PDT) - Assist Me!

6PM-8PM (PDT) - Street Fighter Documentaries

Sunday (July 8)

Gameplay 1

10AM-11:30AM (PDT) - Soul Calibur V Finals

11:30AM-1PM (PDT) - Street Fighter X Tekken Finals

1PM-3PM (PDT) - Mortal Kombat Finals

3PM-5:30PM (PDT) - King of Fighters XIII Finals

5:30PM-7PM (PDT) - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Finals

7PM-8PM (PDT) - EVO 2012 Special Awards

8PM-10PM (PDT) - Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Finals

Evo 2012 Live Broadcast Details. Multiple Streams, plus Optional HD PPV. [Shoryuken]



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