With all the world championship tournaments going on over the last few months, one tournament was sort of left in the wind. While this might have happened earlier this month, it's still interesting. During this year's Yu-Gi-Oh World Championships, a new King of Games was crowned.

After a two-day tournament between 26 expert "duelists", Taiwanese player Shin En Huang came out on top, being the first player from Taiwan to ever win the tournament. Huang sported a "Dragon Rulers" deck during the tournament. In the video above, his last opponent, US runner up David Keener used a "Prophecy" deck.

In the lead-up and during the tournament, Huang posted on Facebook his thoughts and feelings. One of the most interesting posts was that during the first day of the tournament, Huang, fresh off the plane from Taiwan, had gone about forty hours without any sleep. He attributed his "mediocre" performance on the first day to the sleep deprivation and jet lag.

After winning the tournament, Huang spoke to Taiwanese media, saying "Thank you everyone supporting and watching me in Taiwan, I'd like to also thank all the Asian contestants and delegates for helping me with translations and refueling". Huang also said that he hopes he can protect his title in next year's tournament in Europe.

If he does succeed in protecting his title, Huang will be the first "duelist" to have won multiple years in a row.

Source: Youtube :Arkoffusion

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