Watch The Big Nintendo Switch Event Right Here [UPDATE: Over]

UPDATE (1am): And we’re done. Here’s a look at everything we now know about the Nintendo Switch.

Tonight, Nintendo is expected to release details on the price, release date, and launch lineup for the Switch. Let’s watch, shall we?


The big event starts at 11pm Eastern, and you’ll be able to tune in right here:

While we wait, why not dream a little? What do you want to see tonight? What are you expecting this thing to cost?

Personally, I’d be thrilled with either Zelda or Mario at launch, with the other following at some point this spring or summer. But my real pipe dream is for Nintendo to finally put together a killer Virtual Console service, one that supports the majority of their incredible classic library and allows us to play old games without having to re-buy them 4,000 times. Or, even better, a monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access to any of their classic games.

Also, Mother 3.

Anyway, what do you want to see tonight?

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