Watch Tetris Being Played On The Side Of A 29-Story Building

Drexel University professor Frank Lee took over the side of the 29-story Cira Centre in Philadelphia last year to play a gigantic game of Pong, setting the Guinness World Record for the “Largest Architectural Video Game Display.” Last night he doubled the record with a massive game of Tetris.


Controlled by joysticks conneted to the building's LED lights via 4G wireless, this particular Tetris game was a competitive affair, with two teams playing on the north and south sides of the building. When one team cleared a row, the other team would get more blocks dropped on their play-field. Trash-talking was kept to a minimum, as the teams were a mile away from each other.

Professor Lee and his team were joined by Henk B. Rogers, managing director of the Tetris Company and the man responsible for bringing the game to the West. As well as kicking off Philly Tech Week 2014, the event also acted as an early 30th anniversary for the game, originally released on June 6, 1984.



"This is actually the very first time I've played tetris tonight"

I know I shouldn't... but... I don't... How?!? I don't even...

Why does this bewilder me so? It shouldn't but it does.