Watch Summer Games Done Quick's Last Day of Charity Speedruns

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It’s the last day of Summer Games Done Quick, the weeklong pile of awesome video game speedruns to benefit Doctors Without Borders, which makes it your last chance to watch talented players break your favorite games.


We’re in the closing moments of the non-stop 160-hour game extravaganza. Ignore the family and forsake the sun: it’s video game time.

Check out the full schedule of speedruns for the day below (they’re all on Pacific time, so keep that in mind). I’ll be taking note of the Dark Souls II speedrun in a couple of hours, since, being terrible at it, the only way I can really enjoy that game is to watch other people play.

Saturday August 1st
12:36 AMBONUS! Pokemon Puzzle LeagueCardsOfTheHeart, FFRPro21N640:57:350:20:25
1:54 AMLegend of Zelda: The Wind WakerChaotic_AceWii4:10:210:15:39
6:20 AMShadow of the ColossusMeowsPS30:52:330:26:27
7:39 AMBatman: Arkham OriginsCharlitianPC0:55:000:05:00
8:39 AMBONUS! MinecraftFearfulFerretPC1:10:000:10:00
9:59 AMPortalNoirCatPC0:20:000:05:00
10:24 AMDark Souls IIFearfulFerret, OginamPC1:30:000:10:00
12:04 PMTASBot plays Mega Manany% by Shinryuu and FinalFighterNES0:12:230:07:37
12:24 PMTASBot plays Sonic Advanceany% by MukkiGBA0:10:460:04:14
12:39 PMTASBot plays IkarugaMaximum score by keylieGamecube0:21:290:03:31
1:04 PMLegend of Zelda: A Link To The PastXelnaSNES2:00:000:05:00
3:09 PMINCENTIVE! Super Mario 64 any% race360Chrism, GamerDomeyN640:15:000:05:00
3:29 PMSuper Mario 64cheese05, puncayshun, SimplyN641:55:000:15:00
5:39 PMSuper MetroidDavid Clemens, Oatsngoats, Zoast, StraevarasSNES0:50:000:10:00
6:39 PMChrono TriggerEssentia, puwexilSNES5:30:000:10:00

Other notable highlights: an SNES triumvirate of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid and Chrono Trigger to end the day. It’s like they saved all my favorites for last.


Been waiting for these! Although, my mind was blown by that 151 Pokémon Blue run last night. That guy was breaking the game so hard. Didn’t know you could do all that. It’s always impressive what these speed running communities find and do.