Killing everyone in Undertale is a harrowing experience, one that will likely bring you to tears and lead you to question all of your life’s decisions. Unless you do it really fast.

Speedrunner TGH, who has spent the past few months trying to beat Toby Fox’s indie gem as quickly as possible, set a new world record last week, beating the genocide route in just over an hour thanks to some great play and remarkable good luck. TGH also has the world record for an Undertale pacifist run, but this one is way faster. And way more depressing.


“The first Genocide run I did, I felt like complete shit,” he notes during the run. “Now I’ve been numbed.”

(PSA: You may want to lower your volume if you watch this run, because TGH has a tendency to scream into the microphone, especially at the end.)


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