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Watch Q*Bert's Greatest Masochist, Still Going After 24 Hours of Play

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Say this for George Leutz: that man is determined. Undaunted by the 70 hours of nonstop gameplay it is estimated to take to beat the 28-year-old all-time world record in Q*Bert, Leutz is at this moment 25 hours into his third assault on the record.

His first two attempts, in April and May, ended in the most agonizing of ways. In April, 16 hours into the attempt, someone kicked a power cable elsewhere at Richie Knucklez, the New Jersey arcade where Leutz was playing (and is tonight) and the power surge reset the machine he was playing. In May, Leutz retired at the 54-hour mark after extreme exhaustion had set in.

Scott Patterson's web site is carrying livestreamed video of the attempt. Patterson said Leutz slept at Richie Knucklez and awoke at midnight Thursday to begin play. This could be his final attempt, Patterson said.


Good luck, George.

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