Watch Professional Poker Players Compete In... Excitebots?!

Despite positive reviews for the Monster Games-developed Wii game, Nintendo's Excitebots: Trick Racing didn't burn up sales charts, moving a meager 13,000 copies in its first month on sale. Odd, considering it features playable poker and SUPER SANDWICHES.

Speaking of playable poker in a racing game, you ever wonder what an Excitebots match between four professional poker players looks like? Well, here you go. I mean, BAM, here it is!


Nintendo has tapped Gavin Smith, Eric Lindgren, Daniel Negreanu, and Evelyn Ng to compete in the Excitebots Poker Tournament, finally answering the question... wait, there's no question being asked. This is just a smart promotion from the Nintendo Channel.

I'd much rather see the company recruit a few Subway Sandwich Artists for a SUPER SANDWICH Tournament, but until I become Supreme Ruler of Nintendo, that battle for tasty dominance shall remain limited to my fan fiction.


2 things I noticed:

1.) I don't think I've ever seen people act like such douches and/or make up so many excuses for losing at something. C'mon. Show a little sportsmanship.

and 2.) How the hell do you get to be 35 without having a driver's license? I give my friend crap for that and she's only 22.