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Watch Our Latest Bonus Round Appearance, The One About the Future

You can now watch Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann and your Kotaku editor-in-chief talk about the PlayStation 4, the next Xbox, the new iPad and...say something nice and optimistic about the Wii U. Check out the latest segment of GameTrailers' The Bonus Round with host Geoff Keighley. There's even some hand-waving!


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I think I'm going to start calling 2012 the Year of Speculation. Is it just me, or does this year feel a lot more "we think next gen is going to be like X" than ever before? It's a very odd time to be in the industry, since everything is so secretive. Nobody really knows where things are going next except for Nintendo, with Sony and Microsoft seemingly still trying to decide what their actual game plan is going to be.

Maybe this is just the first generational transition where I'm really paying attention to how the next generation is going to pan out, but it really feels different than last time to me. Does anybody else feel the same way, or did I just miss all of the pre-launch speculation about this current gen because the PS2 was so prevalent and everyone just kind of assumed the PS3 would take its place like the PS2 did to the PS1?