Watch Other People Play Real Video Games on Your iPad

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No, you still can't play titles like Assassin's Creed II or Borderlands on your fancy iPad tablet, but you can watch other people play those games thanks to OnLive's Viewer.

Well, you can if it works. Our attempts to use Gawker Media's "smokin'" WIFI was met with mixed results, working one out of four attempts.

No Work

Kinda Work

Hopefully it's just launch day jitters.

The Viewer, which requires a free membership, is also coming to the Android Samsung Galaxy Tab. You can also use the viewer to rate the videos and chat with other OnLive players.


"Spectating of other players is by far the most popular OnLive activity after gameplay itself, and the convenience and mobility of iPad and Android tablets adds an incredible dimension to it," said John Spinale, OnLive VP of Games and Media. "Watching live games and interacting with the people playing them takes social gaming to an entirely new level. It's unlike any other experience. And people love it."

Most importantly, the OnLive people promise that full game play capability and more complete integration with mobile device features will be supported in future versions.

"The OnLive Viewer mobile App is the last piece of the puzzle to unify the worlds of TV, computing and mobile all under one real-time cloud-based platform, enabling previously inconceivable experiences, capabilities and live, video-rich social interaction," said OnLive Founder and CEO Steve Perlman. "Today we showed the tip of the iceberg for what you'll be seeing from OnLive, delivering high-performance gaming, entertainment, enterprise and Web applications wherever and whenever people want them, on virtually any device."

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Those who moan about watching someone else play games being boring or that one could already do that on youtube don´t get the point.

The point is that it is a first step in testing and establishing their platform on different devices.

And yeah, for that, it is pretty great.

Of course how good it works depends on your connection, but i´m here in Germany and could use it smoothly without any major issues. I can´t wait for the actual gaming side to go live worldwide.