Watch Oliver North Shill Call of Duty: Black Ops II

During the 1980s, Oliver North rocketed into the national spotlight with the Iran-Contra controversy. Decades later, North is still in the national spotlight, but this time it's not for selling arms for U.S. hostages. It's for selling a video game.


In the clips, North explained why black ops needs high-tech devices and how new tech is changing black ops. Much of the clips show clips of weaponry edited with interview footage. It's all a rather fear mongering affair.

According to North, a retired Marine, "I don't think the average American grasps how violent war is about to become." The clips play on the culture of fear with North stoking those flames. North talked about his "nightmare scenario" in which hackers are able to control U.S. weapon systems, and when North said "the enemy can be anyone", an image of an Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask flashed on the screen.

In the years following the Iran-Contra Affair, North became a popular political commentator and a best-selling author. During the scandal, however, North was accused of not only selling arms to help free U.S. hostages, but also funding anti-communists Contras in Nicaragua. There were also allegations of drug trafficking. North was later convicted for his role in the arms-for-hostages scandal, but later cleared on appeal. And now Oliver North is selling Call of Duty.

The multi-part documentary also features writer P.W. Singer, who penned Wired for War. The books asks what happens when sci-fi becomes a reality on the battlefield. Watch it in the above gallery.



These are actually really cool, I disagree with the premise though. We have had a lot of this technology for 10+ years, I see problems with manufacturing and implementing this technology in a large scale conflict.

We have been developing VTOLs since the 1950's, exoskeletons since the 1960's, and anthropomorphic robots since the early 1900's. I don't think we will suddenly perfect all of this technology and rapidly produce enough of it to make it effective.

Also, if we are at war with China, how do we even manage to produce these robots?