Watch Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay

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In case you failed to read the headline, Spoiler Warning! This is the opening of Modern Warfare 2 and it's so spoilerific, it's been yanked from YouTube.


Enjoy, despite the somewhat lousy quality!

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Modern Warfare 2 Airport [LiveLeak]



Oh wow, Im not feeling too good, I couldnt even finish watching it..Ive been waiting for this game for a long time, I have passed other games up because Ive been wanting this one. After seeing that murder sim I am thinking about not buying it now, and that is upsetting. I feel like Infinity Ward really dropped the ball on making this a playable level, creating an emotional response is fine, but me being the cause (even if i might play the part of a bad guy in this level) of this horrible scene is disturbing. If it was a cut scene and I was part of the team that brought these killers to justice that would be better.

This was just disturbing, ive been to Iraq, i work in the game industry, but this just doesnt sit right with me. #modernwarfare2