Watch Me Try Splatoon's New Stuff, Live [Done!]

Illustration for article titled Watch Me Try iSplatoons/i New Stuff, Live [Done!]

The big August update is here! Hell, Splatfest is (almost) here! Let’s experience it together, shall we?


I’ll be livestreaming some matches of Splatoon for your viewing pleasure starting around 5:35 PST. If you’ll join me on Twitch, I’d love to chat about pretty much anything—be it Splatoon, other games, or life in general. And of course, I’ll be using the bucket and gatling gun to dunk other Inklings. It’ll be fun.


Welcome to our streaming variety show! We play everything from the latest and greatest, to the stuff you’ve probably never heard of. Lets kickstart the weekend right, shall we? Follow us on Twitch here.

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Doctor Nein

And of course, I’ll be using the bucket