True story: my initial reaction to the Dishonored 2 reveal last week was, embarrassingly, ‘who is Emily?’ I had apparently forgotten a good chunk of Dishonored since its release in 2012. So, here’s me freshing up on the game before the sequel comes out.

I’d love it if you joined me! I am not a stealth master by any means, so it will be entertaining. We’ll start a fresh game, and I’ll be chatting with anyone who drops by in the Twitch chat. We can talk E3, current events, or anything else. See ya there; the stream starts at 6:30PM EST/3PM PST.


The Monday stream is a weekly variety show that plays everything from the latest and greatest, to the stuff you’ve probably never heard of—all in an effort to make Mondays suck a little less. Follow us on Twitch here.

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