Watch Me Play Galak-Z For The First Time, Live [Done!]

My friends keep raving about Galak-Z, that procedurally generated space shooter that is anime as hell. Today, I’ve decided to see what the roguelike is actually all about.


I hear the game is pretty difficult, so this should be interesting. I’ll be streaming it here starting around 6PM EST/3PM PST, and I encourage you to watch along and chat with me about pretty much anything you’d like. It’ll be fun! [EDIT: I’ve uploaded the livestream, which is now over, to YouTube—so you can still watch it!)


The Monday stream is a weekly variety show that plays everything from the latest and greatest, to the stuff you’ve probably never heard of—all in an effort to make Mondays suck a little less. Catch our previous livestreams on YouTube here.

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Nightshift Nurse

Galak-Z is one of those games I desperately want to like due to the aesthetics (even though 17-Bit completely missed the mark on the “anime” style character artwork), but I just can’t get over how utterly pointless my time spent with the game feels thanks to the progression structure (or lack thereof).

I’ve honestly never played a rogue-like which has left me with such a palpable sense of having wasted my time as Galak-Z.

And I really hope 17-Bit considers patching in mid-season saves or more generous health drops or the ability to retain crash coins rather than be forced to spend them at the start of a new game.