Watch Me Play Dyscourse, Aka Lost: The Video Game

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Dyscourse is one of the most intriguing new games on Steam this week. It's island survival ala the TV show Lost fused with branching choices out of a Telltale game. Difference is, Dyscourse doesn't want any two playthroughs to be the same. Ever. Let's see how it goes.

Update: The stream is over, but here's a video of it. Spoiler alert: lots of bad things happened, but there was a kitty!


Watch live video from NathanGrayson on Twitch

Note: this is the first installment of what will probably become a weekly Steam stream, tentatively and imaginatively titled The Weekly Steam Stream. My goal is to marathon stream bits and pieces of multiple games each week—some big, some lesser known—to help you survive Steam's screaming death avalanche of releases and emerge with only one or two broken limbs. Then, for those of you who prefer reading over watching, I'll give each game a brief write-up, something to the effect of why you should (or shouldn't) care.

This week, though, I'm keeping it simple: Dyscourse and maybe one or two other games. Since this is test run, I'm playing it by ear. Anyway, that's the plan. Now look up and STARE INTO MY EYES (and/or the video game).

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I like it when story-focussed games use a text-based approach. It allows developers to really branch out the gameplay and writing without having to balance it with the expenses of voice-overs and audio.