I've always wanted to be an Avenger. But I'd generally pictured being one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes as being a bit more dignified than what I experienced yesterday.


Up top is video from my first experience yesterday with Avengers: Battle for Earth, a motion-controlled tie-in being published by Ubisoft. The game happens during Marvel Comics' recent Secret Invasion event, where shape-changing Skrull aliens masqueraded as powerful Marvel heroes. That explains why heroes would be fighting each other, I guess.

I'll admit that my very quick initial attempts at playing Batttle for Earth on a Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 look fumbly and awkward, but I'm guessing that more time with the game would yield better results. That notwithstanding, Battle for Earth should be a pre-teen Avengers fan's dream come true—especially since it's got a split-screen versus multiplayer—when it hits sometime this fall.

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