Watch Me Beat Kinect Sports 2 Tennis Without Moving

It's not often I get to proclaim myself an athlete, and today isn't going to change that, but I will say that I owned the shit out of my computer-controlled opponents today in Kinect Sports Season Two.


After feeling really awkward for a while playing a Kinect game in an office filled with quietly working people, I decided to get comfortable. I sat down, tried to move as little as possible, make sure nobody was looking at my shameful endeavor. Eventually I found tennis to be the easiest, allowing me to beat the computer without moving at all.

Note: Sitting completely still with your arm out staring at your workstation is only marginally less embarrassing then actually playing Kinect games in public.


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I played Kinect Sports against my nephews over Xbox live and the funniest part was playing table tennis. I didn't move at all and I came dangerously close to winning. I might have even won. I forget now.

Anyhow, it just goes to show how much auto-correction is in these games, which is kind of too bad.