Watch Major League Pitcher Play Wii Fit

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Remember that baseball player who wanted to slim down his Mii and wound up losing 25 pounds in real life? The Wall Street Journal chronicled his success story in a video.

San Diego Padres pitcher Heath Bell bought Wii Fit for his 11-year-old daughter, originally, but hijacked the game for himself as part of his off-season training routine. Bell tells the Journal that the game makes him a better ballplayer with its balance-focused exercises.


I'm just happy to have an alternative to senior citizens and the Wii Fit girl as motivation to play the game. Also, Bell's story inspires me to keep an eye out for a "pro training" mode in Wii Fit Plus.

Go watch Bell shake his butt (sorta):

A Pitcher's New Core Routine: A Videogame and a 'Hula Hoop' [Wall Street Journal]

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This person, although I don't know him, just lost all credibility.