Watch Kotaku's Boss Play Destiny's Raid For The First Time [UPDATE: Stream Over]

Illustration for article titled Watch iKotakus /iBossi /iPlay iDestiny/is Raid For The First Time [UPDATE: Stream Over]

Two of Kotaku’s editors—me and Kirk Hamilton—have played Destiny’s Vault of Glass raid dozens of times. But our boss, Stephen Totilo, has not. Neither has weekend editor Mike Fahey.


Join the four of us—plus Kotaku deputy editor Tina Amini and our friend from Mashable, Adam Rosenberg—as we take on the Vault and get as many Chatterwhites as possible.

Those of us who have done the raid will be sitting back and letting Totilo and Fahey try to figure out what to do. It’ll be fun. And kinda frustrating. Come watch here!


UPDATE (6:51pm): We did it! Not bad, I must say. Watch the full archive here.

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I wish someone would play VOG with me. Nobody on either lfg sites will join me. They’ve all done it already.