Watch Kinect Power the Future of Touch-Based Interface

The whole deal with Kinect is that it's supposed to free you from touching things. But a new implementation might have you being more in touch with the physical world than before.

What you're looking at is an experimental prototype created by Microsoft Research labs designed to make any surface a touch surface. It uses a modified Kinect-style camera created by PrimeSense and a pico projector to create an image on a surface. What's coolest about this is that it combines off-the-shelf components currently available to any tinkerer. That means that a smaller, refined version of this might not be that far away. I could see OmniTouch being used to control strategy games like Starcraft or being used to usher in the next generation of Pokemon games. What about you, readers? Any genres or titles you think would be enhanced by OmniTouch?


Two Extremes of Touch Interaction [Microsoft Research]

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