Watch Gears of War 3's Opening Cinematic Right Now

So. I realize that recently, I've questioned why in the world anyone would want to watch leaked footage of Gears 3 gameplay, or indeed, any game. But that's just me. And besides, this video isn't gameplay, it's just the opening cinematic to next month's big 360 exclusive Gears of War 3.

"Previously, on Gears of War: Locusts! Explosions! Jacinto! Anya is hot! Dom is tortured! Marcus is a little bit of both! Then we all moved onto boats!"


The cinematic ends just in time to make me really want to start playing Gears of War 3. What will happen next? My guess: They all sail away for a nice vacation, and everything works out awesome.

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Well then.

Be mad at me as much as you'd like, but I'd like to voice that I was never a fan of Gears.

It is a little over the top. The controls are not good, and the story is iffy. Hell, the first one was a chore to play.

But the third one actually intrigues me. Don't ask why, it just does. Watching gameplay, it looks a lot smoother, faster, and colorful.

But I guess that's just me...