Watch EA's Press Conference Live, Right Here [UPDATE: Over]

Illustration for article titled Watch EAs Press Conference Live, Right Here [UPDATE: Over]

Titanfall 2! Mass Effect Andromeda! Sports! It’s time for EA’s annual press conference, this time on Sunday instead of Monday.

Get ready for new looks at Battlefield One, a bunch of sports games, and maybe some other surprises. Here’s hoping for some Star Wars action.

UPDATE: And we’re done. No big surprises, but we did get some small looks at the new Mass Effect and the future of Star Wars video games.

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Mortal Dictata

Mortal needs his Quarians.

(This was the official concept art for Tali’s face. WHY DIDN’T THEY USE IT!)

(Link to the artist’s stuff which has a lot of cool stuff from the entire series…)