Watch Dota 2's Biggest Tournament Right Here

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The annual tournament for Valve’s popular online multiplayer game Dota 2 is just getting started, and this year the crowd-sourced prize pool is bigger than ever before. 16 teams will compete for prizes totaling $18 million over the next five days, with the first place team winning $6.4 million.


Technically The International 5 (or TI5) started last week, but today is when the top 16 teams enter into elimination rounds, so the stakes suddenly got a lot higher. You can follow along with the action in real time a few different ways.

First, to answer any potential, “I’m interested in Dota 2 but am terrible at it, should I still watch the tournament matches?” Yes, you should! They’ve even been kind enough to set up a special stream for newbies such as myself:


Here you can watch the non-newbie TI5 stream on YouTube:

Or on Twitch if you prefer that instead:

You can also watch it on the ESPN website, or the game’s own website.


Lead image via Reddit’s PalmliX

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Are they running a “for noobs” stream again this year? I still know little of how to play but i quite enjoyed the beginners commentary last year