Watch Dogs has been out for all of two days, but Ubisoft's hacking-themed open world game has already proved a big inspiration for one Bollywood movie.

The film is called 18.11, and judging from the trailer, it doesn't have much to do with hacking and the surveillance state except as it applies to terrorism and lots of flashing 24-style computer interfaces:

Ok, I know what you're thinking: this just looks like someone saw Watch Dogs, got excited (or jealous) about its artwork, and figured out a way to sneak it into the promo materials for a movie that was already in post-production.

Well fine. Maybe that's the case. But does that make the aforementioned promo materials any less amazing? I think not:


I don't know about you, but I would really appreciate it if more dour-faced games set in dystopian near futures broke up all the long faces on occasion with rousing dance numbers like the ones Bollywood does oh so well.


Plus, maybe this will give Hollywood the inspiration it needs to actually make its version of the Watch Dogs movie. I mean, remember how the Assassin's Creed movie turned out? Me neither.

via IndianVideoGamer

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