​Watch Dogs Players United In Their Loathing Of One Minigame

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Watch Dogs has been out for a little while now. Some people have beaten up on it for various things, while others think it's a perfectly fine time. But there is one thing most of us seem to agree on: That drinking minigame is the worst.


It's bad enough with a controller, but it's far worse with a mouse and keyboard. You have to move the mouse around but the game fights you, and then you have to hit the number keys when they pass over the corresponding numbers and…argh…it's so bad...

I'm not the only one who thinks so—there are numerous threads on most Watch Dogs message boards dedicated to venting about the drinking minigame and asking others for help.

Reddit user platocplx even has a pretty detailed plan to take violent revenge on the in-game perpetrators:

Im currently plotting to put IEDs around the tables. shoot them in their legs and then blow up each bar in a rampage. When I beat them. I cant be the only one plotting to murder these guys. :-\

Says one user in response: "Well I hadn't planned on it and I've beat them all now. But now that you mention it, I know what I'm doing next time I boot up the game."

The minigame is of particular concern to those who collect achievements or trophies, since while it's a side activity that only turns up once in the core story, there's an achievement tied to completion of all the drinking challenges.


A little while back, a concerned group of gamers even took it upon themselves to create a petition to ask developer Ubisoft to patch the minigame's difficulty. It reads:

To: Ubisoft

Dear Ubisoft,

You are a great company, sometimes you are a bit inconsistent with your mini game difficulty. Gamers would appreciate it if you fix this in your game Watch_Dogs. The "Social Lubricant" trophy/achievement is just too difficult compared to the other mini games!


[Your Name]

About a month in, the petition has 1,000 signatures and counting.

Are petitions and in-game terrorism over-the-top reactions to what amounts to poor game design? Perhaps. But I dunno…play that minigame a few times and you might feel differently.


Nightshift Nurse

The people complaining about Watch Dogs' drinking minigame would be wise to just avoid the Yakuza series altogether, then. Not only are there minigames so sprawling that they feel more like a handheld offshoot title than a sidequest, but any number of games that are damn well near impossible to beat if you're aiming for a platinum trophy.

That being said, I agree with the Watch Dog player's sentiment. Too often a minigame's difficulty stems from half-assed design combined with a threshold for victory that assumes far tighter mechanics than what's on offer. (I'm looking at you, every Grand Theft Auto minigame ever.)