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Watch Dogs Isn't Out Yet, But Its Commodore 64 Mockup Is

While we still a few days away from the release of Watch Dogs, animator Balázs Kalocsai did an excellent 80s style, Commodore 64 reinterpretation of the game.


'Everything is connected' has an other meaning in this one: it's hoping that your joystiq and datasette is plugged in properly.

Watch Dogs (Commodore 64, 1989) [Youtube] Thanks, Balázs

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I have to ask...was this developed using a C64? Because as someone else mentioned, this looks really good for a cassette game on a C64 (I do still have a later-model 64, but need to get a 1541/1571 floppy drive and a datasette).

Off-topic, but I'd love to see a modern, 2D version of Forbidden Forest.