The fact that you’d be able to play as Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman game squeaked out a few months ago, but this trailer is the first look we’re getting of Slade Wilson in action. Bad-ass, no?


A scientifically enhanced super-killer who’s been one of DC Comics’ top bad guys for decades now, Deathstroke has been front and center in the various trailers and previews for the upcoming Batman game. So it makes sense that he’ll be playable in the game, especially when you looks at the history of Arkham series’ DLC strategy, which tends to be based around add-on characters and challenge rooms.

Like the challenge packs from previous games, the Deathstroke package includes unique maps and multiple looks pulled from various incarnations of the character. But the trailer’s also got a glimpse of Origin’s100-vs-1 mode, which looks like a battle royale style throwdown against the various enemy types that the game will throw at you. All of this stuff is pre-order only—surprise!—so if you want to control the one-eyed assassin, you know what to do.

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