Watch Capcom Get Sound Effects By Recording Some Very Angry Zoo Animals

If there was a list of the most underappreciated fields in the video game industry, surely sound design would be up near the top. Despite creating and capturing one of a game's most crucial aspects, you never really hear from the men and women working in the field, and you rarely get a chance to see how their particular sausage is made.


So it's great to get a chance today, courtesy of this video by website Designing Sound, which shows some of the guys from Warner Bros.—contracted by Capcom to capture sound for Dragon's Dogma—going about their business.

Which seems to involve a lot of "antagonising caged animals."

Designing Sound also have a great interview with Tomoya Kishi, Audio Director and Senior Manager of Audio Design and Production at Capcom, which you can read below.

Capcom Audio Director Tomoya Kishi Interview [Designing Sound]



during the bell ringing... the guy without ear protection... is a moron.