Watch as This Crappy Comic Disappear from Your Very Eyes

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Akihiro Hino, boss of game maker Level-5, is responsible for Gundam Age. And Gundam Age is a bit crap, so everyone hates it. Want to see just how unpopular it is?

CoroCoro Comic is a Japanese magazine filled with manga and aimed at Japanese kids. The most popular manga take up the most real estate on the manga's cover, enticing kids to pick up the comic (or to beg their parents to buy it).


Since October 2011, Gundam Age has gradually gotten smaller on CoroCoro's cover—it's like the manga is vanishing! Check out the month-by-month progression.

The manga barely appears on the most recent CoroCoro cover (not pictured).

Gundam Age is penned by Akihiro Hino, the sleep deprived man behind Professor Layton and Level-5. And, like I said, it's a bit crap.


コロコロで連載中の「ガンダムAGE」が消えそうwww [Hack a Game]

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