Watch As Japan's Biggest Virtual Idol Takes Taiwan By Storm

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Proving that she is an international sensation, virtual idol Hatsune Miku performed her first live show in Taiwan to sold-out crowds less than a week ago. This was part of a tour celebrating her fifth birthday that also visited Hong Kong for the first time the week before.


But the most interesting thing about this concert was not that Miku was traveling to new places but rather that the concert was broadcast on network (as in non-cable) Japanese TV last Saturday night. More amazing still, I found out about the concert not from normal TV or the net but rather by seeing a commercial on the train's TV network as I rode through Tokyo in rush hour.

The concert itself was shot very well, featured the complete Project Diva cast, and really showed off how good those Vocaloid holograms look up on stage—in addition to being filled with Miku's greatest hits.


Like the majority of Japanese TV, the program even featured a group of commentators that talked about the show between songs and, after the concert ended, spent time promoting the concert merchandise and showing how to buy it online.

To see some clips of the concert, check out the video above.

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I don't understand the appetite for such concerts... What I like about concerts is the fact that the performers can interact with the crowd and adjust the show in consequence. I don't know if it's possible with this virtual singer...