I am offended that Kirk thinks I always post cat pictures and videos. Appalled, even. I never do that.

So to make up for all the lack of cat and animal related things I absolutely never get away with posting here, allow me to introduce a video of a bunch of animals getting really confused by looking into mirrors. The video was compiled by none other than the compiler known as Compilariz.

Why did I never get this amount of hilarity with my own cat? I used to pick her up and put her face in front of a mirror, but she'd just look at me for a while and then headbutt my face. And then I'd go all "awww I love you" and forget about the mirror thing. Oh well.


Hope you all have an awesome, laugh-filled Wednesday evening while Kirk is doing video gamey things. Head over to the Talk Amongst Yourselves forum for more conversations, off and on-topic.

Animals Confused by Their Own Reflections [YouTube via BuzzFeed]